Birch Living — Visual Identity 

Photography & Video: Cole Slutzky

Motion: Pat Finn
Birch is a celebration of everything the mattress industry isn’t, from their environmentally friendly products to a direct-to-consumer business model.

Roles & Resposibilities: I was tasked with building the Birch brand from the ground up, starting with developing a visual identity and brand book.


Our icons and illustrations are drawn by hand and later altered in Illustrator,
they’re never completely digitally-generated.

Together, the Birch colors (green, blue, and brown) create the simplest landscape.

Our lifestyle photography is soft, imperfect, and a little zany. The mattress is always the
focal point and the logo is never covered by a sheet. View more photography here →

Wool is the differentiating material in our mattress, and our messaging often leads with that.


Eden Shats 2020