Helix Kids — Visual Identity 

Photography & Video: Cole Slutzky

Retouching: Trade Excel

Motion: Pat Finn
With the launch of Helix’s newest product, the Kids mattress, came a whole new branded experience. This mattress is designed to grow with your child from toddler to pre-teen. And, it does flips!

Roles & Responsibilities: I was tasked with developing the visual identity, concepting and art directing the launch photoshoot, and designing packaging and in-box materials.

The mattress is double sided: the firmer side aligns with the needs of
kids ages 3 to 7,  and the softer side is designed for ages 8 to 12.

Helix’s color palette, electrified to match the energy of our kids.
These hand-doodled illustrations go along with kid’s reviews of the mattress,
including: “best mattress on earth” and “two giant thumbs up.”


Our packaging doubles as a fun coloring activity for kids.

In-box instruction booklet written for grown-ups.

Short videos illustrating key value props: waterproof-ness and flippability.


Eden Shats 2021